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Watch This Quick Video to See How Buckle Guard Can Help

Tired of Agitated Patients Un-Doing Their Restraint Buckles?


Buckle Guard is Intended to Slow and Deter a Patient
from Unbuckling their Stretcher Safety Restraints.

--Slide over the buckle before it is secured. 

--Once the tongue is put into the buckle, the release button is covered by a child-resistant cap.

--Difficult for an agitated patient to hit the button and release the buckle when Buckle Guard is in place.

--Remove by pushing and turning on the child-resistant cap.

Featured in JEMS, and EMS World!

Buckle Guard Can Give You Those Extra Seconds You Need To Keep a Patient Secure.

Buckle Guard has been successfully used for over a decade in school buses, special needs transportation, nursing homes and home health care.
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Agitated, combative patients can be a challenge to deal with.  Sometimes, you need an "extra something" to help keep them buckled up.  Buckle Guard has been used on School Buses, Special Needs Buses, and in Nursing Homes for well over a decade with great success.  It has also kept curious kids safely buckled up in their parents or caregiver's vehicles.. Now available to the EMS industry, the Buckle Guard simply slides over the restraint buckle and hides the release mechanism from touch and view. while the buckle is secure.  Though easily undone by pushing and turning the child-resistant safety cap, it is enough of a deterrent to  keep buckles buckled or at least give you the extra time you might need to prepare for the Houdini act your patient is about to perform.  Buckle Guard is an affordable, simple solution to help keep buckles safely buckled up.