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Fresh, Fun, Functional Products that Sell!

McNaughton Incorporated, founded by brother and sister team Patrick and Jamie McNaughton in 1985, creates consumer products that Make Life Easier, Better, Safer and More Fun!  The company specializes in Product Design and Development, Manufacturing and Marketing.  Over the past 25 years, The Company has developed several lines of proprietary products as well as advised and consulted other inventors through the design-manufacturing-marketing process.  McNaughton’s products have been featured in newspapers and magazines around the world as well as on Television shows such as the NBC Today Show, CNN News, and several regional shows.  Check out a recent article in the Costco Connection!

Some popular McNaughton products include Soda Bottle Birdfeeders, Window Vases, Kitchen Gadjits, Master Mounts TV Mounts, Soapy Soles, and Buckle Guard – the original seat belt buckle cover that helps keep children safely in their seat belts. They also introduced and marketed the JAWZ Can Cycler, the original can crusher of the late 1980’s.

Patrick McNaughton, the president of McNaughton Incorporated and inventor, has been featured in Entrepreneur magazine for his numerous patents and inventions and speaks to groups about inventing. His invention of the Buckle Guard received a "Mom's Choice Award". Committed to their customer's success, McNaughton creates quality, useful, products that will help customers stand-out in the marketplace, grow their business.

Jamie McNaughton, Vice President, loves to team up with customers assuring they have the best products and sales tools for success in their stores. "I know that our products help our customers Stand-Out from their competition and associates love them because they are fun to show" says Jamie.

Behind every product is a story.  Sharing those stories displays how necessity truely is the mother of invention and when you make products that are problem solvers, we can make people's lives easier, better, safer and more fun!  Jamie, a former NFL Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader, is now a cheerleader for small business, supporting and mentoring youth and promoting sustainable and environmental practices.

True Success is helping others succeed and McNaughton Incorporated is committed to our customers success and being THE Wholesale Resource for unique, clever products to retailers around the world.

Patrick McNaughtonPatrick McNaughton has been inventing since he was a kid, always tinkering with toys,bikes and equipment. His first invention went commercial when he was 21. Twenty sever years later, the inventions keep rolling out! As an owner of dozens of patents, McNaughton invents many of the products his company sells as well as consults with other inventors and sometimes actually gets involved in the development, marketing and sales of an invention.
Jamie McNaughtonJamie McNaughtonJamie McNaughton, co-founder and Vice President of McNaughton Incorporated.