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Girl Scout Troop Makes Bird FeedersInstead of more cookies or candy, save the calories!  Recycle soda bottles and feed the birds!  Our Fundraising Program is designed specifically for Scout Troops, Schools, Sports Teams, Church Groups & Garden Clubs.  We will walk you through the process...


1. Sell Soda Bottle Bird Feeder Kits for Customers to Assemble:

Purchase feeders in poly bags and simply sell them as they are.  Your group can collect empty soda bottles and include one with each purchase if you like.  More on this program... 


2. Make Soda Bottle Bird Feeders and Sell a completed Bird Feeder to Customers:

Purchase feeders in bulk, collect soda bottles, assemble (even decorate) the feeders and sell as a finished project.  More on this program...

Please note: You will need to create a login for your group in order to access this program.
We respect your privacy and your information will never be shared or used for any other purpose.

Bird Feeder Poly Bagged Kits

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Fundraise by Selling KitsWith this program, groups can sell soda bottle bird feeder kits as a fundraiser.
Fundraise by Creating BirdfeedersWith this program, groups can purchase soda bottle bird feeders in bulk, and add value by collecting soda bottles, and assembling the bird feeders. You can even decorate them and fill them with seed! It is up to you! Everything you do to the feeder adds value and allows you to sell them for more! Most of all, it is fun!