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Start a New Holiday Tradition with Bow Stickers
Bow Stickers are eco-friendly gift bows that can be recycled along with your gift-wrapping paper

(Plymouth, Minnesota) 11-4-10 -- McNaughton Incorporated wants everyone to remember Mother Nature this holiday gift-giving season by using new Bow Stickers instead of standard ribbon bows. Unfortunately, common gift wrapping fundamentals carry a high eco-price in the form of plastics and harmful chemicals in landfills. But the good news is that your presents can still sparkle, shine, and be eco-aware with new Bow Stickers. Bow Stickers are flat, self-adhesive stickers that look and work like everyday bows. Because they’re made of paper, they can be recycled along with gift-wrapping paper, keeping tons of puffy bows out of our landfills. They can be used with wrapping paper or stuck directly onto a bottle of wine or spirits, a box of chocolates, or a bouquet of flowers. Bow Stickers even come with a “To: and From:” tag that’s attached to the bow. Bow Stickers are perfect for boxes that are being mailed or shipped for the holidays or special occasions. They’ll stay looking cheery and bright no matter if the gift, bottle, or box travels one mile to the gift recipient or a thousand miles. The Bow Stickers 12 pack is $2.99, 30 pack is $6.95, and a 50 pack is $11.95. Bow Stickers are available at or by calling 800-423-5487.

### McNaughton Incorporated 10700 Highway 55 #260 Plymouth, MN 55441 800-423-5487
So Many FUN Ways to Use Bow Stickers! ↓

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