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Buckle Guard Original-"S", Bulk, 12 pk
Buckle Guard fits over the buckle of the seat belt
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The Buckle Guard "S" is the same as our Original Buckle Guard with a wider, deeper opening for inserting the tab of the belt buckle.  The "S" will fit many of the new commercial seat belt buckles on school busses and transportation vehicles.  If you aren't sure which Buckle Guard to order, call us at 800-423-5487, ext 16 for assistance.
Keep kids and other passengers safely buckled up with Seat Belt Buckle Guard™ on their seat belt buckles!
Buckle Guard™ slips over a standard-sized seat buckle and hides the release button from a child's curious fingers. This prevents children and disabled adults from opening their seat belts while riding in a motorized vehicle. Buckle Guard has a white FDA approved "Push and Turn" child safety cap. Patented.

If your seat buckle is up to 2" wide and 1 1/8" high, this product will fit your buckle. MADE IN USA

Easily slips onto the seat belt buckle without any tools.
Can be quickly removed by an adult or an older child with the twist of a child safety cap
Works with car seats, booster seats, and standard seat belts.
Works for special needs kids and adults, and on school buses.
Please note: this item is in bulk with an instruction sheet inserted. It is not in a package.

Case pack - 12
Suggested Retail - $9.95 each

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export pricing available, please inquire.
WARNING: This product is not a life-saving device and is used only as a deterrent. Once your child can open Buckle Guard and access the release button, stop using it immediately.
Quantity Price
$9.95 each
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Size (not in package) ~3 x 3 x 2.5
Unit weight 3 oz
Color Black
Features Benefits
Wider slot opening allows newer seat belt buckle tongues to fit into the slot and engage with the buckle
FIts over buckles up to 2" wide and 1 1/8" high, Hides the release button from curious fingers
Push n Turn cap prevents access Familiar to any adult to undo
Portable Move from vehicle to vehicle, no tools required