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Soda Bottle Wasp Trap
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Soda Bottle Wasp Trap™ coverts empty plastic soda bottles into inviting traps for wasps and bees. Just fill a bottle with a little sugar water or soda, twist on the plastic catcher, then set or hang outside. Wasps can’t resist climbing inside for a sweet taste. But once inside, they can’t get out. MADE IN USA This "kit" comes with everything you need -- just add your bottle and bait. Complete instructions, beautiful 4 color packaging.

Merchandising Tip: Wasp Season peaks in late summer and fall when the hot air has dried everything out. Be sure you have inventory in peak season!

12 units per case.
Suggested Retail: $5.99 each

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export pricing available
Casepack 12
Master Pack 144
Works best with: pepsi bottles, 16 oz & 20 oz
Features Benefits
Reuses soda bottles Environmental and affordable!
Just attach to bottle neck Easy To assemble
Designed so wasps can get in but not out Get rid of Pesky Wasps!