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Great Family Project!
Soda Bottle Hummingbird Window Feeder
A Party at Margie's Window! A Butterfly AND a HummingirdInsert 1/2" dowel into base &  "plant" in your gardenSo Easy to Assemble!Part of the Gadjit Outdoors Line of porducts
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Reuse and recycle your soda bottle and lure those artful flyers right to your window with a Soda Bottle Hummingbird Window feeder. This cute little "kit" comes with everything you need -- just add your bottle and lure hummingbirds to your window by filling with nectar (sugar and water recipe included). Works with both plastic and glass soda bottles. The three yellow flowers can be used as perches. Super Strong Suction Cups keep it firmly in place. Complete instructions, beautiful 4 color packaging. Great for gift giving and kids projects.

Merchandising Tip: Hummingbirds migrate to the south in the winter and head north starting in late March & early April. Promote the Soda Bottle Hummingbird Feeder as a kids gift to Mom for Mother's Day. Run a promotion where kids can come in with a bottle then decorate it and assemble their feeder at a table in your store! You could even offer gift wrapping! Or better yet, Buy some BOW STICKERS for them to use! Perfect gift for grandparents in a senior apartment or nursing home....bring hummingbirds to the window, they are such fun to watch.

12 units per case.
Suggested Retail: $7.95 each

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Casepack 12
Master Pack 144
Features Benefits
Reuses soda bottles Environmental!
Hanger, base, perches are all included Easy To assemble
Nectar Recipe Included You are Ready to attract Hummingbirds!
Suction Cups to your Window Watch Hummingbirds from the comfort of home