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Payment Processing offers special programs in theses areas:

Soda Bottle Bird Feeders in kits ready to sell or assemble and sell.  Order Form available for downloading.

Education - Bird Feeding for Kids
Soda Bottle Bird Feeders in Kits to help kids learn about recycling, re-use and bird habitat. 

Transportation & Care Providers-
Buckle Guard and Buckle Guard PRO available in bulk and in bus kits to help keep children safe while being transported.  Used in the School Bus industry for over a decade, the Buckle Guard has proven effective and easy to use.

Care Providers -
Buckle Guard and Buckle Guard Pro available in bulk in small quantities for use in transportation and in care giving environments.  Other items include bath & shower assisting items especially effective for those with diabetes and back, hip and knee injuries.

Emercency Medical Services -
Buckle Guard is becoming a valuable asset for professionals haveing to deal withthe challanges of transporting agitated or assaultive patients.  Covering and Hiding the belt buckle from view and touch, it is a deterrant for Houdini-Type patients trying to escape.  At the least, it gives you the extra time needed to deal with a figity patient.

-Education-EducationSchools, scout troops and clubs can purchase bird feeders at a discount and assemble as an eco-project.
-Fundraising-FundraisingFund raise with useful, environmental soda bottle bird feeders! Instead of buying more candy or cookies, why not save the calories and feed the birds??
TransportationTransportationOver the past decade, Buckle Guard has been successfully used in student and special needs transportation. Whether it is on a school bus, van, even wheel chairs, Buckle Guard will help keep everyone safely buckled up.