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Our Retailer's Resource Center

At, we want you to be successful with our products.  Our Retailer's Resource Center contains articles, tips and tools to help you succeed, build customer loyalty and sell McNaughton's Products.  

Merchandising Articles and Sales Tips

How is Your Curb Appeal?How is Your Curb Appeal?Store Owners spend a lot of time on merchandising what they sell. Remember to take a look at where you sell it from. How is your Store's Curb Appeal? A reminder to take the time to look and 3 easy tips to spruce it up if you need to!
Promote Bird Feeders to GroupsPromote Bird Feeders to GroupsPromote Soda Bottle Bird Feeders to your local Scout Troops, Kid's Groups and Garden Clubs! Scouts can work towards earning their Eco Action Badge while other clubs and groups can have fun leanring about recycling and feeding the birds! Invite groups to your store to assemble a Soda Bottle Bird Feeder. Step by Step instructions for a successful project are included.
Why the Wasp Trap Works!Why the Wasp Trap Works!Hey, You! Get Out of My Garden! "I don’t hate wasps. I just don’t want them stinging me and the people around me" says Soda Bottle Wasp Trap inventor Patrick McNaughton. This article explains how the Soda Bottle Wasp Trap was invented, why it works and why it sells! Click on "Getting Rid of Wasps the Green Way!" to read more....
Increase Sales with The Perfect GiftIncrease Sales with The Perfect GiftSell more! When a themed holiday rolls around, like Mother's Day or Father's Day, help customers by creating a display that features "The Perfect Gift". Follow 3 easy steps, to set the display and your customers may buy more and have a better shopping experience.
Bow StickersBow StickersAdd an extra $.74 profit to gift sales and make gift wrapping convenient for your customers a roll of Bow Stickers at your check out register.
How to Sell a TV MountHow to Sell a TV MountBasic sales tip on helping customers find the right TV mount for their use.
TV Mount SizingTV Mount SizingBe sure the mount you sell will fit your customers TV.
Sales Tip #4, Feature Tell, Benefits Sell...Sales Tip #4, Feature Tell, Benefits Sell...Sales Tip #4, Features Sell Benefits Tell. Learn a few simple tips to sell better by helping customers understand your products benefits.
Sales Tip #5 - Hard Sell is Hard SaleSales Tip #5 - Hard Sell is Hard SaleA "Hard Sell" is a hard sale. What is the difference between Good Sales People and the ones customers avoid? 3 tips for better sales...

What's Hot Right Now!

The Hummingbirds are Coming!The Hummingbirds are Coming!As the weather starts to warm in April and May, the Hummingbirds start to migrate north to search for food sources. Be sure to have a good inventory of Hummingbird Feeders and educate your customers to hang them out as the Hummingbirds start to arrive.. Our Hanging and Window Mount Soda Bottle Hummingbird Feeders bring these artful fliers right to you yard and window. Help your customers to get their feeders out in time for the migration to your area. Soda Bottle Hummingbird Feeders make a great Easter or Mother's Day Gift too! Take Care of Winter Feet!Take Care of Winter Feet!The Elite Soapy Sole helps relax, massage and clean those winter feet. After all the Holiday shopping, its time for customers to get something for themselves. A small display will make this item sell like hotcakes! Keep Fruit Fresh in the WinterKeep Fruit Fresh in the WinterBanana Hook mounts under any cabinet or shelf and "hangs" your bananas to keep them fresh, ripen them properly and get them up and off the counter top. THis is a great product to have near the register and even on display as it becomes and add-on sale for many customers. Keep Kids Safely Buckled Up!Keep Kids Safely Buckled Up!The New Buckle Guard Pro is getting lots of media attention. This is a seat belt buckle cover that prevents "Little Houdinis" from un-buckling their seat belt when they shouldn't! Easy to open for any adult or learn more click on the lnk

What To Be Planning....

Sprucing Up for Summer!Sprucing Up for Summer!Customers are thinking Summer! Help them get ready for their swimwear with the Back Spa. Not only is it relaxing but it will help remove built up dead skin cells that accumulate over the winter. Gently clean, massage and exfoliate for a glowing summer back. Vehicles Need Spring Cleaning and TLC Too!Vehicles Need Spring Cleaning and TLC Too!Spring cleaning includes your vehicles too! Get your car or truck in top notch shape with a nice hand wash and a Gas Guard! Gas Guard protects your vehicles finish from dripping fuel. Hangs on the filling hole - folds up inside the fuel door when not in use. A great Father's Day Gift! Be Ready for the Hummingbirds!Be Ready for the Hummingbirds!Hummingbirds start their migration in early spring. Your customers need to have their Hummingbird feeders in place when those artful fliers arrive. Get them in your store for early spring sales and Mother's Day! Spring Cleaning & Organizing!Spring Cleaning & Organizing!As spring arrives people tend to clean, organize and un-clutter. Help your customers out with the Bag Keeper! Bag Keeper mounts anywhere and is ready to hold your plastic shopping bags for re-use or recycling. A great way to end bag clutter!