Pat & his inventions

IDEA...Inception, Design, Evaluation and Apply

Patrick developed several small inventions as a teenager, but his first commercial venture took off when he was 21.  He invented the neon blackboards that almost every bar and restaurant across the country uses every day to post their daily specials.  Since then, the inventions keep rolling out.  Owner of dozens of patents, Patrick continues to create new products that make life better, easier, and safer for the company he and his sister founded in 1985, McNaughton Incorporated.  Patrick's goal is to create "forehead-slappers" - which is a product that makes people slap their foreheads and say "Why didn't I think of that?".  Patrick's formula for a successful item is his IDEA process:  Inception, Design, Evaluation and Apply.  "There is no such thing as a crazy idea," says Patrick.  When he is not working on his own inventions, Patrick likes to help other inventors through speaking engagements at various inventing groups and conventions.  He also works as an inventor's consultant, helping new inventors navigate the process.

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