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Products that Make Life Easier, Better and Safer..

Jamie McNaughton is the co-founder and Vice President of McNaughton Incorporated.  She loves working with people, the art of business, and being a problem solver.  That is why she and her brother make such a great team.  Their products are usually created out of a need.  "When I can show someone a product that can make their life easier, better or safer - in a small way you feel like you are making a difference.  When we can help a retailer stand out with unique products and offer them creative ideas for selling them - you get excited as they succeed!  It is all about people and purpose." she says.

She refers to their products as "Life's Little Problem Solvers" and "Forehead Slappers" (because that is what people usually do the first time they see them. They slap their forehead and say "Now why didn't I think of that?").   Perhaps that is why they are so much fun to make and market.  Jamie is the Chief People Person and Product Story Teller responsible for sales, marketing, operations and customer service.

The McNaughtons marketed the original JAWZ Can Cycler back in the 1980's.  They helped people learn about recycling and how to have fun doing it.  Their line of Gadjit Soda Bottle Bird Feeders have turned hundreds of thousands of soda bottles into Bird Feeders - re-use, re-cycle, create something useful and feed the birds!   Buckle Guard, invented by Patrick because of a childhood experience he had, helps keep kids safely buckled up.   The list goes on and on...just ask Jamie about a product and she won't hesitate to share the story behind it!  Every product has a purpose to Make Life Better, Easier, Safer or More Fun.

Jamie started out in retail sales, then worked at an advertising agency and finally started her own advertising marketing firm which she later sold to create McNaughton Inc with Brother Patrick.  

She has a strong volunteer and community spirit that has landed her as President of her local Chamber of Commerce, past President of the North Hennepin Mediation Program, and on the Board of Directors for a domestic abuse shelter.  She currently serves on the Board of Directors of SOS For Youth, a youth outreach group that focuses on the difficult issues that teens face today including drug and alchol abuse, depression, bullying and more.  Through theater and performance, they empower teens to find their voices and make good choices.  Jamie champions for small business, empowering and mentoring youth and young adults, and practicing sustainable and environmental business practices.

Jamie's goal is to do more than is expected and be sure that every customer and every person is better in some small way because of their contact with McNaughton Inc, their products and people.  Her motto is  "Do All Things with Love".